AQUATHON TRAINING - Swim & Run Training Session


Join us for a Swim - Run Brick session in the Kingfisher NUI Galway on Saturday morning 16th May. This is perfect for beginners as well as our more established members who would like to practise a Swim Run Brick session in preparation for any pool based triathlons or any upcoming Aquathon events including our own club race on July 11th. The opportunity to practise this type of brick session is limited so we are encouraging members to join us on the day for a quality training some fun and some well-deserved breakfast post training.


You have the option to swim either 450m or 750m on the day and both lanes of swimmers will run 3k on the grounds of NUIG. You don’t have to be a strong swimmer but should be able to comfortably swim at least 100m front crawl (4 lengths of the pool) for the shorter distance and at least 450m (17 lengths of the pool) for the longer distance. We will be grouping swimmers on the day so don’t worry if you are a speedy shark who likes to take the lane lead or a timid mermaid who wishes to sit on the back of the group. We will cater for all.


For more information please email Debbie





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