GTC Volunteer Program

As one of the largest triathlon clubs in the country, our members contribution to the development of the club is crucial. Galway Triathlon Club club strongly relies on the volunteering efforts of our members to keep the club operating. To ensure our club’s continued growth and success, we are asking all members to give something back to the club this year through volunteering your time. In return, we want to demonstrate our appreciation for our members’ service to the Club. Therefore, we have developed a system that will allow club members to volunteer their way to club rewards.

How does it work?

As you know we are a 100% volunteer based club and most of our events require volunteer assistance in order to make them possible. Therefore, when you volunteer at a Club event, you will earn points. Points are determined by time given. Requests for volunteers for upcoming events will indicate how many points will be allotted for that event.

You can create your own account on Track It Forward and from there you can sign up to events or log hours for past events (beginners day etc.). Search 'event sign up' for past or upcoming events. Events will be regularly added to the schedule. You will be invited to create an online log and at different stages throughout the season, you can avail of volunteering rewards.

Volunteer Reward Scheme

There are three different awards being offered to members who help with the organisation and development of the club:

  • Bronze Level: 10 hours – GTC Transition Mat.

  • Silver Level: 20 hours – GTC Transition Bag

  • Gold Level : 30+ hours – GTC Reflective Gilet

Thank you for your support to the Club. Volunteering is critical part of the club and it is what the GTC jersey is about.

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