ATTN: ALL JUNIORS 8 to 18 years olds…

Don't Forget to REGISTER through Triathlon Ireland's Website to enter the GTC Junior Aquathon which commences this Sunday (July 3rd) at Grattan Beach.

Please register here

You will need a TI licence or a TI One Day Race Licence to enter, you will have to register on-line and it will cost €10 to race.

N.B. Please note that Juniors that turn up on the day MUST be pre-registered for the event via Triathlon Ireland, juniors who turn up on the day that haven't registered for the event, will NOT be allowed to race.

All athletes will need to be at Grattan Beach Salthill by 3pm on Sunday.

Races will kick off at 4pm but we ask that all who have subscribed to the event via Triathon Ireland to be there by at least 3pm to register.

On registering each athlete will be given a Swim Hat, Wrist Band and Number Sheets to be worn.

The different age groups will be colour coordinated!

All groups apart from the 16 to 18yr old age group, will be within their depth and there will be a team of 5 adults in the the water with wet suits along with Kayaks to help co-ordinate the event and make sure that all athletes are safe and as comfortable as possible.

The run route it will be marshaled by volunteers.

There will be a gap of 15mins between each group for safety reasons.

If you have ANY questions please do not hesitate in sending an email to Peter Duggan and

Jenny Quinn

Peter and Jenny are in charge of co-ordinating the event


You can park along the Promenade for FREE and its just a short walk to Grattan Beach - see map below

Click on the graphic below to view Aquathon Route

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