Coached Pool Sessions Update

GTC Coached Swimming Sessions: Register online - link to be released via email on Thursday 28th May 2015 at 4pm.

Please read the following information below carefully.

All swim sessions are starting from Wed 3rd June 2015 for 8 weeks.

Please note:

· You must be a current GTC member.

· Swim slots are allocated on a “first come, first served” basis

Only one session per GTC club member. If there are extra spaces remaining, they will be circulated to all at a future date. You can book a session for another club member, but you can’t book two for yourself.Payment payable online plus Credit / Debit card fee. You can pay with a Credit or Debit Card. All members must pay online – no collection at the sessions or payment by post this term.

All swim coaches are certified Level 1 Coaching or above.

Timetable for the coming term is as follows:

Level : 1 / 2

Time : Friday, 5 June, 7am

Location : Ocean Fitness, Salthill

Coach : Patrick

Level : 3 / 4

Time : Wednesday, 3 June, 7am

Location : Ocean Fitness, Salthill

Coach : Fiona

* Note: Pending availability, there is the possibility of some movement/ adjustment after the first week if people are not at the optimum level to progress their swimming.

To get the most out of the swim session, you need to select the best session for you. In an attempt to help you do this, below is a brief description of the requirements for each class and what the course entails.

Level 1: New to swimming, starting out in triathlons, learning or relearning basic elements of how to swim; Requirement: Swim 2-4 x lengths front crawl continuously, ideally in the pool 2-3x/week; Swim Course: Focus on establishing good swim technique and relaxed breathing; Build confidence in the water

Level 2: Completed Level 1 swimming in the past twelve months or Swimmers who can do for 8+ lengths front crawl with head submerged and without breast stroking; Requirement: Continuous swim up to 200m; Should aim to swim 3x/week to benefit fully from coaching: Swim Course: Progress technique beyond fundamentals of body roll/position and build on aerobic ability.

Level 3: Those who do their own structured swim sessions but want to increase speed and endurance; Requirement: 750 sprint distance tri swim time 12-15mins (approx)Should swim 3x/week to benefit fully from coaching.Should roughly know their race pace for a given distance: Swim Course: Some aerobic swimming but also technique aimed at coordinating arm, leg and core action, and demonstrating proficiency in other strokes

Level 4: Knows what drills and aerobic swimming to do to improve, but realises that coaches can make this all happen faster; Requirement: Swims 3-4x/week to benefit fully from coaching.Bilateral breathing pattern (ie on both sides) preferred but not essential.Should know target race pace and speed levels for reps; Swim Course: Aerobic swimming with specific stroke advice on key weaknesses – specific approach depends on swimmer

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