Mindfulness for Athletic Performance

The MAP to a healthier & happier outcome!

When: Thursday 14th May 8-9pm (4 weeks)

Where: Kingfisher NUIG

This course is for you if:

  • You would like to get more from your sports performance

  • Be more present and in the moment when training or competing

  • Learn to modify behaviour with awareness

  • Would like to overcome negative beliefs or thoughts that are holding your performance back

  • Would like to achieve and realise your goals

Course Aim: This course introduces participants to mindfulness enabling them to develop awareness, identify habitual thought patterns, negative self-talk, clarify their goals, develop strategies and presence for optimal performance.

This course teaches athletes essential skills to train the mind for peak performance for race conditions, team sports and training. By enhancing levels of presence and awareness to what is actually happening in the present moment, athletes have the capacity to be more responsive, not reactive, to what is happening. It enables them to garner much needed awareness to modify mental habit patterns, negative self-talk and physical technique.

Awareness is the key to modification of behaviour. Using proven techniques to develop mental discipline athletes can transfer this knowledge to all aspects of their performance both in training and in competition.

Participants will:

  • Develop the tools to be present in the moment

  • Learn to identify and connect with stress in the body and be responsive to your bodies needs

  • Overcome negative habit patterns in sport

  • Develop personal visualisations and self-talk to recondition the brain

  • Understand the neuroscience behind peak performance

  • Learn to optimize body and brain health across mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery

Session 1: Mindfulness for Athletic Performance

Session 2: Neuroscience of Stress & the Body

Session 3: Negative Habit Patterns & Reconditioning the Brain

Session 4: Visualisation, Health & Super-fluidity

Cost: €80 p.p

Duration: 4 weeks (1 hour per week)

Registration: Click this link to register

Contact: info@sueredmond.com or call 086-8102770 for more information and to reserve your place.

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