Bressie Now Recruiting 4 Ironman Candidates

On the back of the huge success of the My1000Hours campaign created to explore ways we can improve both our emotional and physical fitness, Bressie is now working on another project to highlight the benefits physical activity can have on our mental health. The new project aims to also highlight how taking on a physical challenge with the right kind of support in place can improve our confidence in our own ability to better manage symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression.

This new project will be a TV show, documenting the journey of four individuals who will train to complete an Ironman. The Ironman is a gruelling 70.3 mile event incorporating a 1.9km open water swim, a 90km cycle and a 22km run which tests the physical boundaries of the body and the reserves of the mind. Bressie along with a team of high performance specialists, consisting of physiotherapists, triathlon coaches, nutritionists and psychologists aim to support the four participants to become endurance athletes, develop resilience around their own mental health and also to inspire others to take action.

The project is now recruiting for four candidates who:

  • experience anxiety and/or depression

  • have a good base level of fitness

  • would benefit from the training programme

  • are willing to be documented honestly and emotionally on camera

If you feel the criteria above is an appropriate fit for you, the production company would like to hear from you. Only four candidates will be chosen for the TV show.

To express your interest, please email: detailing your age, your home life, your sporting past, a brief outline of your experience with anxiety and depression and what benefit you might get from the coaching. Please include a phone number too, so the production team can contact you.

Best of luck!

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