As a club we offer training for both Junior athletes ( aged 8 to 17) and adults from 18+. Training is structered around the 3 disciplinies of swim, bike and run with many of our sessions coached by qualified coaches who are also members of the club and actively participating in at least one of the three discplines across the sport of Triathlon.


Many of our sessions are offered to members free of charge such as track, cycling, interval run training and the safe open water sea swims during the Summer, these sesions are open to all members regardless of ability and the coach on site will assist in placing athletes in the correct groupings according to ability and the preference of the member.


Coached pool sessions, spinning and blast classes are provided at a subsidised rate to members and are sold on a first come first served basis to all members.


Training with Galway Triathlon Club has a huge social aspect, its not just about the training! Training with  the club you get to meet like minded people to spend an hour or two doing something that you enjoy whilst benefitting from the many physical and mental health benefits of leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

As a club we foster a great sense of club camaraderie and friendship, so whilst we might all be out to try and do the best we can when we are racing, the level of support provided across the board and the many lifelong friendships that are created when running around the track or out on the Sunday Spin are a huge part of the reason why Galway Triathlon Club continues to grow and develop. We have already had many triathlon relationships, GTC marriages as well as enough club babies to enter a full team from GTC for the Olympic Games in 2024 and with our new Junior section in full swing we are well equipped to provide the platform for athletes of the future to come through our club.


Our meet and train sessions provide plenty of opportunity for groups of people to link up for training sessions themselves, so whilst you might swim like a dolphin you might need stabilisers on your road bike going uphill! The meet and train sessions are co-ordinated by members themselves posting the details on the GTC closed members group on FB. Generally people of similar ability will train together in these groups. The obligatory pit stop in Connemara for a cuppa in Ballinahown or a scone in Athenry are only half the reason so many people turn up for the weekend bike sessions! Cycling on a Saturday morning has become the new Friday night in town!



For details on the current club training schedules please clink on the relevant schedule below


Junior Training Schedule

Senior Training Schedule



Have fun, stay safe and remember.. Triathletes can go for hours and hours even when it hurts.




Training continues every Saturday and pool swim sessions will continue until May. Sea swim training will commence as soon as the water temperature increases and members will be notified by e-mail. 


Proposed training for June and July is on the Junior Secton of the  website found by clicking HERE 


For information, membership queries and offers of assistance  please email