Cycling for Beginners

Feb 2013 Beginner Cycle


Welcome to the section of webpage specifically for beginner/novice cyclists. This page will be updated frequently so keep an eye on the page for up to date beginner cycling related material including weekly cycle routes, routine maintenance tips and bike workout sessions.





1. How to change a tube

All members who attended the recent Beginner Cycle on 16th Feb 2013 received a demonstration on how to remove a wheel and how to change a tube. We encourage people to practice this in the coming week as we will be doing a lucky dip of all who attend next weeks cycle to demonstrate what they learned. Happy practicing!!


2. Beginner Spinning/Turbo/Stationary bike sessions

Beginners are encouraged to complete an additional session or two during the week to supplement weekend spins. This will help you get up to speed. See below sessions by Cyril.

Heart rate max test

This test is not compulsory but it will help to measure the intensity of the future workouts and your gain in fitness more accurately. Purchase a heart rate monitor like polar or cardio sport ( the cheapest will do) .Pump your rear wheel to 100 psi.  Go on the bike and warm up by increasing your speed every minute or so, keeping a cadence of 90 to 100 rpm( Revolutions per minute).  You keep increasing until it gets really hard then try to go flat out for 1 min . when you think that you are at the max, do a last sprint as long as you can. Maybe only a few seconds. Check your watch and take note of heart rate. This will be use to calculate zones in order to improve vo2 max , lactate threshold and therefore lose weight, tone up and get fit.

Power intervals- session 1

This session could be done on a Tuesday.

10 min warm up to reach 70 % heart rate max. You should feel warm and slightly out of breath at the end of it.

1min flat out ( all guns blazing!) effort followed by 5 min easy spinning.

Repeat 3 to 5 times.

Select a resistance in order not to go over 100 rpm during the sprint.

Cool down for 10 min easy spinning at 100 rpm to go back to 65 % heart rate max.

Record power, cadence , speed and heart rate to see your evolution in next few weeks . (A turbo trainer which can give you all the numbers is the Tacx Flow).

Followed by stretching of lower limbs.( See below…)

Vo2 max and lactate threshold intervals: session 2

This session could be done on a Thursday.

Warm up 10 min

Do 2 to 3 sets of 8 min at 80 to 90 % hrm (heart rate max) or slightly below flat out. Don’t start too slow or too fast. Pace yourself .

5 min easy spinning between sets.

10 min cool down followed by stretching.

Record your performance.

NOTES: Write down your performance on a diary so that you can look back and see your progress.

Good luck!